120+ DIY Boho Decor Ideas and Crafts

The bohemian lifestyle celebrates freedom, creativity, and a connection to the earth - and your living space should be no different!

Whether you're a dedicated boho enthusiast or a newcomer curious to explore this aesthetic, our guide offers an extensive collection of over 120 DIY boho decor ideas and crafts to inspire you.

We've gathered projects that range from beginner-friendly crafts to more intricate undertakings. You can spruce up your living room with vibrant macramé wall hangings, add a touch of whimsy to your bedroom with dream catchers, or create a cozy reading nook with textured pillows and throws.

The possibilities are endless, as are the ways to infuse your own personality into each project. That said, let these ideas inspire you to create spaces that look fantastic and resonate with your free spirit.

1. 5 Minute Woven Wall Hanging

This wall hanging can effortlessly spruce up your living space and serves as an excellent housewarming gift. It's convenient because it takes only a few minutes and minimal supplies to create something beautiful.

2. Dyed Wall Hanging With String

With its beginner-friendly techniques, this project is ideal for those looking to diversify their wall art collections. You'll love the creative freedom you have with tassels, knots, and various colors.

3. DIY Indigo Shibori Dyed Placemats

These placemats offer a fresh boho feel to any table setting, perfect for summer barbecues or intimate dinners. It is a practical item and a talking point for your guests, given its intricate dye patterns.

4. DIY Boho Full Length Mirror

If you're tired of that outdated bathroom mirror, this project is a brilliant way to modernize your space. You'll appreciate the mud-cloth-inspired design, which is both trendy and meaningful.

5. DIY Wood Slice Test Tube Bud Vase

This handmade bud vase is not just for flowers; it has a multi-functional design that can also serve as a spice rack. You'll enjoy the rustic charm and practicality it brings to your kitchen or living room.

6. DIY Boho Jewelry Holder

You'll love having all your jewelry neatly organized in one place without spending hours on a complicated DIY project. It's a 30-minute endeavor that's as functional as it is stylish.

7. Diy Wooden Dream Catcher

Apart from capturing your bad dreams, this DIY dreamcatcher also serves as an educational moment to discuss heritage with your children. You'll love how it adds a whimsical touch to any bedroom.

8. Layered Fan Art Piece

If you want to add a burst of color and texture to a room, this fan art piece is your answer. Created from simple cardstock, it transforms into a permanent art installation that greets everyone who walks in.


9. DIY Wood Wall Art with Scrap Wood and Wood Shims

You can make this wood wall art the focal point of an empty space using leftover materials. You'll appreciate how it's not just decorative but also a sustainable use of scrap wood.

10. DIY Painted Tribal Vases

These aren't your typical flower containers. You'll be amazed how a simple paint job can give thrift store finds a modern, trendy look that's perfect for adding character to any space.

11. Gypsy Dream Catcher with Scraps

You'll relish the opportunity to use up those lingering fabric scraps for a project that's both sentimental and decorative. It's a delightful way to add color and character to your sewing space.


12. Boho Mirror Featuring Wood and Yarn

A simple DIY project with a luxury finish, this mirror combines rustic wood with warm yarn colors to bring an earthy vibe into your home. It's more than just a mirror; it's a statement piece.

13. Easiest DIY Boho Wall Hanging Loop

This wall hoop, perfect for nurseries or playrooms, is exceptionally easy to create. You'll appreciate how it brings a trendy, boho-chic atmosphere to any room, and it's forgiving enough for beginners with its trim-as-you-go style.

14. Adorable Pom-Pom Tassel Wall Hanging

If you've caught the pom-pom fever like us, you'll find this wall hanging irresistibly cute. It’s a creative outlet that lights up your living room and satisfies your crafting addiction.


15. DIY Plywood Boho Chic Pegboard Wall

You'll adore this if you're looking to add character to your walls. A unique project that can also serve as a functional pegboard, keeping you organized in style.

16. DIY Cane Nightstand How To

This is a must-try project for those who want a chic nightstand without the hassle of building furniture from scratch. It's beginner-friendly, requiring no power tools, just a little spray paint and some cane webbing.

17. Mandala Painted Table Makeover

If you've got an old, chipped table, this project is a perfect way to breathe new life into it. The stenciled mandala pattern turns it into a piece of art, making it a conversational focal point.


18. Dip Dyed Wall Hanging

This wall hanging captures the timeless appeal of macrame, updated with a modern twist of color. You'll enjoy the tactile pleasure of weaving while the dip-dye technique adds a playful touch.

19. DIY Wall Hanging with a Mop

If you like re-purposing everyday items, you'll love turning a thrifted mop into a chic wall hanging. It's a fun way to combine various materials like yarn and pom-poms for an unexpected work of art.

20. Boho Yarn Wall Hanging

You'll relish the challenge and reward of this project, even if macrame is new to you. It offers a plethora of textures and details, adding visual interest to any space.


21. DIY Rainbow Latch Hook Wall Hanging

Latch hooking might bring back childhood memories, but you'll be impressed by the grown-up version. It’s a fun, low-skill project that becomes a colorful centerpiece for a child's room or even a living room.

22. DIY Boho Moroccan Pillow

Imagine converting a humble black pillow into a vibrant accessory for your living space. You'll be surprised how pom-poms and yarn can transform a dull item into a quirky, bohemian accent.

23. Easy DIY Placemats with Burlap and Marker

Need to impress holiday guests in a pinch? These quick-to-make placemats bring a handmade touch to your table setting, making you look like a crafty genius without much effort.


24. White Boho Bedroom with a Beachy Vibe

You'll fall in love with how effortlessly this project turns a plain bedroom into a beachy paradise. With straw hats and crochet, pillows bring the perfect blend of laid-back and chic.

25. Photo Branch

This craft idea turns your cherished photos into an artistic display. It's also a summer project the kids can participate in, making it a fun family activity that turns memories into décor.

26. Colorful Yarn Wall Hanging

Your child will be proud to display their creative skills with this wall hanging made from colorful yarn. Not only is it a beautiful piece of art, but it's also a meaningful keepsake created by young hands.


27. DIY Boho Basket Wall

If you've got a wall that's begging for personality, this basket wall idea offers a stylish and affordable solution. It fills empty spaces with textural warmth and a splash of boho chic.

28. DIY Gypsy Hammock Swing

Imagine lounging in your own backyard in this boho hammock swing. Perfect for reading or napping, it’s an inviting addition that takes relaxation to the next level.

29. DIY Flower Wall

You'll relish the sight of a lush flower wall in your home. Using faux flowers, this eye-catching display provides beauty without the hassle of upkeep.

30. DIY Tie Dye Welcome Wreath

Want to greet guests with a splash of color? This tie-dye welcome wreath adds a playful twist to any entryway.


It’s a fun and personalized way to kick off each new season.

31. Macrame Hanging Planters in 30 Minutes!

These quick and easy macrame hanging planters bring some life into any room. It's an ideal way to showcase your indoor plants in a stylish and space-saving way.

32. Boho Chic Girl's Room Hanging Swing

Parents and kids alike will adore this boho-chic hanging swing. Ideal for a girl's bedroom, the swing adds a sense of adventure and fun to the living space.

33. DIY Boho Tulum-Inspired Swing

Procrastination or not, a macrame swing like this is worth the wait. It's a fun, stylish addition to your backyard that will make you wish you had embarked on this project sooner.


34. Beautiful DIY BoHo Mirror

This DIY Boho mirror captures the essence of high-end design without the sticker shock. Your guests will think you splurged, but only you'll know the fulfilling joy of crafting it yourself.

35. DIY Woven Wall Hanging

Unveil your inner artisan with this woven wall-hanging project. It's a soothing, hands-on experience that culminates in a gorgeous tapestry for your home.

36. DIY Cozy Pom Pom Pillow

You'll fall in love with the comfort and aesthetics of this cozy pom-pom pillow. It's an irresistibly soft and vibrant addition that breathes new life into any room.

37. Crafty Boho Pillow Crochet Pattern

If you crave texture and color, this crafty boho pillow will be a welcome addition to your home.


It complements other pillows but can also shine as a stand-alone statement piece.

38. D.I.Y. Boho Lanterns

Mason jars transform into ethereal boho lanterns with a little creativity. The soft glow they emit is perfect for setting a romantic or relaxing mood in any room.

39. DIY Rope Shelf

This rope shelf adds rustic charm to your walls and extra storage space for your knick-knacks. It's a project that turns a dreaded interaction with power tools into an empowering experience.

40. Macramé Feather Wall Decor

For fans of both the outdoors and intricate handwork, this feather wall decor serves as an artistic piece that brings a touch of nature to your living space.


41. Easy DIY Plant Pot Cover with Fluted Texture

This pot cover elegantly conceals plastic plant pots, elevating the aesthetic of your home garden. You’ll appreciate the added texture that mimics high-end furniture design.

42. DIY Feather Wall Hanging

If you enjoy unique wall art, this feather wall hanging is a simplified, modern take on traditional dream catchers. It’s a whimsical addition to your summer home décor.

43. DIY Fabric Wall Hanging for Boho Bohemian Wedding Backdrop

This project lets you create a visually stunning wedding backdrop without complex crafting skills. You only need an assortment of high-quality fabrics to bring your dreamy, jungle-themed vision to life.


44. Botanical Wood Slices

These botanical wood slices offer a rustic charm while celebrating nature. If you struggle with keeping plants alive, this is an excellent way to bring the beauty of flora into your home.

45. Boho Rainbow Wall Hanging

This rainbow wall hanging taps into the latest trend and is perfect for kids' rooms or parties. It's a colorful, simple, and inexpensive way to add a festive touch.

46. Boho DIY Terrarium

This DIY terrarium offers a versatile, low-maintenance way to bring greenery into your home. You’ll enjoy picking out unique vessels and layering materials for a customized look.

47. Oversized Boho Yarn Tapestry


If you’ve been eyeing those pricey, oversized, woven wall hangings, this project is a more budget-friendly alternative. No sewing skills are needed, just a desire to add warmth and texture to your walls.

48. Prints on Wood Panels

Ditch traditional framing for this eco-friendly option. Mounting prints on wood panels offer a creative, cost-effective solution to showcase your art or photos.

49. DIY Mandala Wall Hanging

Are you frustrated with the limitations of pallet wood? This project uses a plywood base to create a mandala-themed wall hanging that adds spiritual symbolism to your home.

50. Upcycled Leather Boho DIY Vase

This three-in-one craft repurposes old leather for a stylish vase, tassel, and floral arrangement.


It’s an eco-friendly project that adds a boho vibe to any room.

51. Ombre Macrame Hanging

If you’ve seen and admired ombre macrame hangings at designer stores, this project allows you to create your own customizable version. Despite its intricate appearance, it’s surprisingly easy to make.

52. DIY Lace Curtains Using Table Runners

Are you in need of luxurious curtains but balking at the price? This project allows you to create an affordable alternative using lace table runners for an elegant look.

53. Coiled Raffia Basket

For those who enjoy meditative crafts, creating coiled raffia baskets is a relaxing experience. These versatile baskets serve as practical home decor and make for heartfelt gifts.


54. Rag Rug Floor Pouf DIY

Need extra seating or a place to rest your feet? This floor pouf made from dollar store rag rugs can serve multiple purposes while adding Moroccan flair to your living space.

55. DIY Round Wall Planter

This project lets you incorporate greenery into any room, even if you’re not a gardening aficionado. The round wall planter adds a modern yet rustic touch to your interior décor.

56. Pom Poms for Throw Blanket

Transform a plain blanket into an eye-catching decor item with the simple addition of pom poms. You'll love how this small embellishment adds a layer of texture and personality to your living space.


57. Mandala Stones DIY

You don't have to be an artist to create these beautiful Mandala Stones. With minimal practice, you can have colorful and intricate designs that act as unique conversation starters in your home.

58. Sustainable Boho Modern Wall Planter

If you're into sustainable living, this wall planter made from Australian pine and removable glass tubes is a perfect fit. You'll appreciate how it doubles as a propagation station for your green friends.

59. God's Eye Wall Hanger

Remember making god’s eyes at summer camp? This modern take on a classic craft brings both nostalgia and aesthetic appeal to your walls. It's ideal for themed parties or just to liven up a room.


60. Beautiful Beaded Wind Chime

If your bead collection is collecting dust, here's your opportunity to create something stunning. The handmade beaded wind chime adds a harmonious jingle and visual interest to your outdoor space.

61. Knickknack Candlesticks

These one-of-a-kind candlesticks add a unique touch to any room. You'll adore the eclectic and whimsical vibe they bring, making every dinner or reading session magical.

62. Extra Large Rustic Pom Pom Wall Hanging

Are you tired of bare walls? Elevate your space with this rustic pom pom wall hanging. Handmade fluffy pompoms and tassels attached to driftwood give a nod to '70s vibes.

63. Doily Lamp


This DIY doily lamp infuses a soft, vintage charm into any room. It is ideal for a nursery; it adds a lovely ambiance and will make night-time feedings or bedtime stories even more enchanting.

64. Beaded Wall Mirror

You can't help but admire yourself in this round-beaded wall mirror. The pop of color and beads adds a fun and unexpected flair, making it more than just a functional item.

65. DIY Wood Bead Chandelier

With this chandelier, you'll not only illuminate your room but also elevate it with rustic elegance. The wooden beads provide an earthy aesthetic that complements a variety of décor styles.

66. Easy Metal DIY Moon Phases Wall Hanging


Satisfy your celestial cravings with this moon phases wall hanging. Made from gold foil scrapbooking paper, it offers an easier alternative to metal but looks just as chic on your wall.

67. DIY Beginner Macrame Garland

If you find yourself enchanted by the macrame trend, start with this beginner's garland. The small size makes it portable, allowing you to satisfy your crafting itch wherever you go.

68. DIY Stylish Twine Coasters Using Rope

Twine coasters offer a rustic yet functional table accessory. You'll enjoy crafting these durable and visually pleasing coasters that protect surfaces while enhancing your home's boho aesthetic.


69. DIY Modern Yarn Hanging

If the wall-hanging trend has smitten you, this project will further fuel your love. Inspired by a unique set of circumstances, the golden rings make this piece a unique wall statement.

70. Macramé Hanging Shelf

This hanging shelf provides additional storage and a visually pleasing display. You'll relish the blend of functionality and bohemian flair it brings to any room.

71. DIY Pressed Plant Frame

This wall décor elevates the space above your headboard without overshadowing other design elements. The pressed plant frames offer a stylish and minimalist solution, allowing your wall to serve as a neutral backdrop.


72. DIY Wooden Bead Pendant Light

Are you planning a nursery? This wooden bead pendant light adds a modern yet playful touch. A DIY project worth your time, it provides a balance between style and functionality for a new baby's room.

73. DIY Floral Dreamcatcher Tutorial

Turn a blank wall in your office or craft room into a canvas of your creativity. This floral dreamcatcher adds a touch of whimsy while giving the space a more vertical aesthetic appeal.

74. DIY Braided Yarn Table Runner

Looking to refresh your dining area for the season? This hand-braided table runner is a wonderful way to inject vibrant hues into your setting, and it takes no more than an evening to create.


75. DIY Photo Wall Hanging

Are you tired of keeping your photos just on your phone? This photo wall hanging brings those cherished memories into the real world, offering a trendy way to showcase them in your workspace.

76. DIY Hanging Macramé Chair

If you're looking for a challenging yet rewarding project, this hanging macramé chair is it. Not only does it look chic, but it also offers a cozy spot to relax in your home.

77. Your Own Macrame Curtain

This macramé curtain adds texture and intrigue to any room as a practical alternative to closet doors. It hides clutter while doubling as an eye-catching piece of boho décor.

78. DIY Hanging Free Library


Fancy promoting literacy and community spirit? Create a hanging free library. It's a charming addition to your front yard and a delightful surprise for neighbors and passersby alike.

79. Vintage Doily Dreamcatcher DIY

A crafty way to repurpose your vintage doilies, this dreamcatcher provides a nostalgic yet modern touch to your décor. It's an easy project that delivers both charm and elegance.

80. Simple Macrame Plant Hanger

Learn an ancient skill while decorating your home with this macramé plant hanger. It's beginner-friendly and offers a chic way to display your greenery.

81. DIY Door Knob Tassel

Take inspiration from traditional camel swag and add these vibrant door handle tassels to your interior.


They bring texture and color to your home, breathing new life into mundane spaces.

82. Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging

If you're a beginner to macramé, this rainbow wall hanging is a great starting point. It uses simple square knots to create a colorful focal point for any room.

83. Jewels Boho Hanger

Turn a simple plank and some fancy door handles into a functional yet stylish necklace hanger. You'll love how it organizes your jewelry in a visually appealing way.

84. Baking Soda and Paint Technique for Vase

If you have an old vase you're not in love with anymore; this technique gives it a new lease on life. It transforms the piece into something that looks straight out of a boho boutique.


85. DIY Teepee Tent

Designed for those early years, this teepee provides a magical corner in any child’s room. It offers a private space for your little one to dream, read, and play, fostering their creativity.

86. DIY Pom Pom Basket

This charming basket, adorned with raffia pom poms, injects a playful spirit into your home decor. It's ideal for storing knick-knacks, making it a practical yet stylish addition to any room.

87. Scrap Yarn Pom Poms

These unique pom poms made from yarn scraps are a craft and a smart way to repurpose leftover yarn. They serve as vibrant additions to gifts or as playful home decor.


88. DIY Boho Market Basket

This project transforms a standard basket into an eye-catching market basket. You'll appreciate the added flair when running errands or simply decorating your home.

89. DIY Towel Ring

Upgrade your bathroom aesthetics with a custom towel ring. It is simple to make, but the wooden beads and dyed leather offer a hand-crafted touch that adds sophistication to your space.

90. DIY Magazine Holder Makeover with Boho Style

The revamped magazine rack using cane webbing is a creative solution for keeping reading material organized. This project fuses functionality with boho-chic aesthetics.

91. Hand-Stitched Pouf DIY

This cozy hand-stitched pouf made from woven rag rugs is versatile enough to fit any room’s decor.


It serves as both a comfortable footrest and an extra seat for guests.

92. Boho T-shirt Rag Rug With Easy DIY Loom

Crafted on a DIY loom, this t-shirt rag rug brings a unique texture and coziness to your floors. It’s an artistic way to recycle old t-shirts while enhancing your living space.

93. DIY Boho Wall Decor Idea for Living Room on a Budget

This yarn wall hanging is both accessible and visually stunning. It’s perfect for adding a focal point to your living room without breaking the bank.

94. DIY Fabric Scrap Garland

This garland project breathes new life into leftover fabric scraps. Whether decorating for a party or sprucing up a bedroom, this garland is a charming and eco-friendly choice.


95. Succulent Hoop Wreath

The succulent hoop wreath in this is a trendy blend of embroidery hoops and live plants. It's an effortless way to bring nature into your home, offering a fresh look that’s easy to maintain.

96. Birch Wood Tealight Holder

These birch wood tealight holders add a touch of rustic elegance to your space. They're perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere during those shorter fall days.

97. Rope Lampshade

Transform a lackluster floor lamp with this rope-wrapped lampshade. It brings texture and warmth to any room, perfect for fighting off the gloom of darker days.

98. Add Layers to Your Macrame Wall Hanging

This layered macrame wall hanging tutorial lets you delve into complex knotting techniques.


The result is a rich, textured art piece that will be the envy of all your guests.

99. Scandinavian Wall Art DIY

Combining Scandinavian simplicity with bohemian flair, this wall art elevates any space. It’s an ideal project for a craft night with friends or to fill an empty spot on your wall.

100. DIY Wood and Leather Trellis Plant Wall

This wooden and leather trellis creates a lush plant wall, a living piece of art. The project will reinvigorate your interior, and it's a must-do for plant lovers looking for a dramatic display.

101. Wicker Center Table

Transform your living room with this wicker center table that effortlessly reflects your personality.


It is ideal for elevating any interior and offers a harmonious blend of form and function.

102. DIY Woven Holiday Wall Hanging

Join in on the holiday cheer by crafting this woven wall hanging. You'll discover how easy it is to bring a festive vibe into your home with a touch of boho flair.

103. DIY Knock-Off Anthropologie Fringed Pillow

This Anthropologie-inspired fringed pillow is like an art piece for your sofa. Crafted in less than 30 minutes, it's an effortless way to bring boho flair into your home.

104. Easy DIY Yarn Wall Hanging with Beads

This yarn wall hanging adds both texture and color to your living area. Its simple design offers a touch of elegance, making it a must-have for a subtle yet stylish room makeover.


105. Macrame Curtain Tie Backs

Tiebacks with a twist! Adding these handcrafted macrame and beaded tiebacks to your curtains gives an artisanal touch to your windows, elevating the entire room's ambiance.

106. Boho Hanging Planter That Doubles as a Mardi Gras Bead Up-Cycle

If you're a plant lover and have Mardi Gras beads lying around, this DIY planter is your calling. It's an ingenious way to merge festival flair with home aesthetics.

107. Easy DIY Footed Tray for Coffee Table

Revamp your living space with a simple footed tray that doubles as a coffee table centerpiece or a vanity tray. Its versatility makes it a convenient addition to your home decor.

108. "Shabby Glam" Beach/Boho/Cottage Mirror

This one-of-a-kind mirror is more than just a reflective surface; it's a work of art.


The antique illusion it offers is perfect for adding an elegant nostalgia to your décor.

109. DIY Boho Fringe Chandelier

This fringe chandelier elevates your guest room or any living space, combining an eclectic mix of crochet, tassels, and beads. It's a boho twist to your regular lighting.

110. DIY Painted Feathers

These painted feathers can add a colorful finishing touch to your festival outfit or serve as a playful home decor element. Either way, it's an addictive and joyful creative exercise.

111. Boho Flower Wall Hanging Made From Egg Cartons

Don't throw away those egg cartons! This flower wall hanging is a testament to resourcefulness, offering a trendy decor piece that’s also eco-friendly.


112. DIY Clay Wall Hanging

This clay wall hanging makes use of oven-bake clay and simple jewelry pieces to create an aesthetic piece of art. You'll appreciate its understated elegance in any room.

113. DIY Boho Yarn Wall Art

You'll be smitten by how this yarn wall art adds a touch of organic coziness to a nursery or any room. It's not just decorative; it's a heartfelt creation that can serve as a keepsake for loved ones.

114. DIY Rustic Photo Mobile

Bring your cherished memories to life in an engaging, visually appealing way with this rustic photo mobile. Its nature-inspired elements make it a delightful summer project for families looking to bond outdoors.


115. DIY Boho Wall Decor with Dried Grass

In these uncertain times, channeling creative energy into making boho wall decor with dried grass can offer much-needed respite. Plus, the minimalist supplies required make it a hassle-free endeavor.

Brighten up your dreary hallway with this artistic gallery wall art. The wooden blocks and contrasting patterns create a vibrant atmosphere that'll have guests marveling at your creativity.

117. Easy DIY Clay Knot Made With Polymer Clay

Elevate your interior design by crafting these chic clay knots. They're deceptively simple to make and offer the modern boho aesthetic often seen in high-end retail stores.


118. DIY Large Scale Wall Hanging on A Budget

A statement wall hanging doesn't have to break the bank. With this budget-friendly project, you'll introduce a tapestry that complements a variety of interiors, from boho to mid-century modern.

119. PVC Bed Canopy

Upcycle your leftover sheer panels into an elegant bed canopy. This innovative use of PVC pipes creates a whimsical addition to your bedroom that you'll cherish every night.

120. DIY Raffia Mirror

This raffia mirror provides a trendy touch, perfect for decking out your balcony for the summer. Quick and easy, you'll be able to enhance your outdoor space in just half an hour.


121. DIY No-Sew Rope Coil Basket

Crafting a sturdy, no-sew rope coil basket has never been easier. It is perfect for holding knitting projects or stuffed animals; its functionality is enhanced by the added leather handles.

122. DIY Arrow Decor

This arrow decor is not just another wall accessory; it's a testament to the versatility of foam. You'll find it's an easy and enjoyable project that even beginners can tackle.

123. DIY Boho Tassel Wall Hanging

Add a touch of bohemian elegance to your home with this tassel wall hanging. It's an ideal weekend project that transforms simple yarn into a statement piece.

124. Pom Pom Owl Art

This cute owl art will delight both kids and adults. With just some pom-poms and a shadowbox, you can create whimsical artwork that brings joy to any room.

125. DIY Tribal Wood Bowl Makeover

Turn a thrift store find into a custom piece of home decor. You'll appreciate how this upcycled wood bowl adds a tribal flair to your table setting.