Easy Recycled DIY Jack Daniel's Fountain Tutorial

I’ve always wanted to have a fountain at home but they are just too expensive for me, so I thought why not just make a DIY version of my own? So, I browsed through the internet for ideas and inspirations that I could try, and there are a lot of beautiful projects ranging from terra cotta pots to plastic buckets and more.

But what stood out to me the most is this one by on TikTok, not only does it look unique and intriguing, but it also seems very easy to build. You can do this all by yourself or you can also ask for a hand to make building this fountain easier. This TikTok video has now millions of views and received lots of love from different users across the platform already.

Check out the video below and see for yourself!

Prepare the bottles and clean them well, then plan their placement on the wood frame, and start making a hole on each bottle. Set them aside, then start building the wooden frame of the fountain, and stain them with whatever you stain color you want. Once dried completely, start to position the wooden frame on the wall, then place the bottles on each shelf of the frame, and place a bucket at the bottom. Install the hose and water pump, then open the water, and enjoy your new fountain.