How to Make a DIY Halloween Tree Ghost Ornament

These adorable DIY ghosts are super easy to make using only foam clay, you can use them as an ornament for your tree, or if you want you can also hang them anywhere you want. Learn how to make one with this video tutorial by on YouTube and give it a try! I hope you love this handmade decor as much as I did.

Step 1

Roll and shape the foam clay into a log then cut it into 3 parts equally and cut off a small piece from each part. Roll a large piece of clay into a ball, then slowly shape one end into a smaller and pointed shape, and curve the tail as shown in the video.

Roll the smaller cut piece into an oval shape, then cut it in half, and attach them on each side of the ghost’s body for its arms.

Step 2

Insert the wire stick through from the bottom of the ghost, then set it aside to dry completely, and repeat the same steps for the rest of the clay pieces. Once completely dried, start painting the eyes and mouth onto each ghost using black acrylic paint, then add a bit of pink paint on the cheeks, and let the paint dry. Place them as ornaments on your tree or anywhere you want.