How to Make a Cute DIY Little Witch Doll

This cute Halloween project idea by on YouTube is not only perfect as a cute decor but as a gift, too. Plus, this is super easy and fun to piece together using materials that you can purchase from the nearest or your favorite craft store. You can also add your touch and be creative with this doll by customizing the color and style to your liking. Learn how now with the help of this video tutorial.

Step 1

Assemble the body and head of the doll as shown in the video, then cut the craft foam piece for the hat, and hot glue the seams of the triangle piece to make a cone.

Hot glue the cone to the round craft foam to complete the hat, then glue the fabric to the body for the shirt and adhere the doll head on top of the cork. Trim the broom the size, then cut a piece of netting, and attach it around the base of the body and right above the skirt.

Step 2

Wrap a ribbon around the top of the netting and one around the skirt as well, and then piece the arms together. Separate the yarn apart, then assemble and hot glue them to the head, and style the hair however thick or long you want trimming off the excess. Draw the eyes to the doll’s head, then hot glue the broom to the arm and body, and then attach the hat.