Affordable Halloween DIY Ghost Decor

You don’t really need to spend tons of money to make Halloween decor! Trust me, all you need is a little bit of creativity. To get you started, here’s a super easy DIY project you can make at home. It’s a super fun activity you can do with the kids.

TikToker shared a video on the platform on how she turned a cheesecloth into an adorable Halloween decor. It received tons of views, likes, and comments from different users.

Mel started by pouring 1/3 cup of white glue into a bowl or container, then adding one cup of water.

She mixed it well until it became a liquid mixture. Next, she grabbed a cheesecloth and soaked it in the glue and water mixture.

While it was soaking, she inflated a small balloon and placed it on a small bottle without the cap. She then squeezed the cheesecloth, opened it up, and draped it over a balloon in a cup. If you want to make a hand, you can use a pencil or any object you can use to make the form. She let the end of the cheesecloth sit on the surface to dry, as this allowed the ghost to stand more freely.

Once it dried overnight, she removed the balloon. She then cut out two small oval shapes from felt paper and glued them for the eyes of the ghost.

For finishing touches, she cut out a bat from the felt paper and glued it to the hand of the ghost. That’s all you need to do? How easy was that? I really love how this turned out. It’s so adorable and not so spooky. You can place it on your work desk or on your tables around the house. You can even hang them if you want!