These Eggnog Recipes Will Make You a Believer in the Traditional Drink

Danielle Daly

Come Christmastime, there are certain flavors that reign supreme: , peppermint, and cinnamon all included. (Don't even get us started on Ree Drummond's famous !) But one flavor that tends to be a little divisive is eggnog. "Eggnog is a weakness of mine," says Ree. If you're like her and have tried a creamy homemade version of eggnog, you might already know it as a rich and glorious drink. Others who have only tried the kind sold in a carton might not be quite as big of a fan—until now, that is! Try any one of these festive eggnog recipes, from delicious

to sweet to , and you're sure to fall in love with the flavor.

But before you dive in, let's answer one question: , exactly? Traditional eggnog uses a combination of beaten eggs, sugar, milk, and warm spices. It can be served as a or spiked with whiskey or rum, and many families choose to serve it chilled as a . But sipping it straight up is just the beginning! Ahead, you'll find recipes for eggnog fudge, prep-ahead eggnog bread pudding (hello !), a beautiful eggnog-inspired Bundt cake, and so much more. So whether you bake with it, use it to make , or sip it, eggnog, in any form, is best enjoyed by a crackling fireplace for the coziest way to celebrate the holiday!