These Christmas Cookie Decorating Ideas Will Earn You a Spot on Santa's Nice List

Danielle Daly

Decorating Christmas cookies is one of the best of the whole season. It's a task that you can take on with your kids and one that results in tasty . Not to mention, you can uses these ideas to make the ultimate . The key is to keep things simple and fun. "Don't take yourself too seriously," Ree Drummond says, "just have fun with it." Choose from cookies decorated with icing, peppermint, or . Then, put on your and start decorating.

These creative cookie ideas include cut-out sugar cookies, spritz cookies, holiday stars, and jolly Santa Claus-shaped cookies to serve on your spread of . There's even a cookie decorated to look like an ! The finished products will be perfect for serving at your and they can even double as an adorable . Once you know how to decorate Christmas cookies, the options are endless, but for more holiday inspiration, check out these festive .