How to Make a DIY Dancing Scarecrow Girl

Scare animals or pests away and out of your garden or yard by making this DIY dancing girl scarecrow using materials that you can easily find around your house. You can also use recycled supplies for this project such as; an empty milk jug, scrap wood pieces, old clothes, etc. Learn how to build one with the help of this video tutorial by on YouTube.

Step 1

Dig a hole in your yard or garden where you want the scarecrow to be, then stick the 7-foot wood down the hole making sure it’s level, and secure it in place.

Attach the other wood a few inches down from the top, then position it at an angle as shown in the video, and secure it with nails.

Step 2

Put a bra over it to give it some shape in the chest area, then put a dress over it, and then wear a shirt on it. Place plastic on the arms and head to give it shape, then place a milk jug underneath the dress for its hip, and put a long-sleeved shirt over the scarecrow styling it however you want.

Step 3

Wrap a piece of fabric on the top part of the wood for the head, then put a hat on it, and put some gloves on the hands as well. Finish the scarecrow by attaching one end of the dress to the lower arm and place any piece of decor on the other hand. You can also put a scarf on the neck as well.