Easy DIY Balloon Pumpkin Tutorial

If you still haven’t decided on what decor to put up in your house this Fall season yet, then check out this DIY project idea by on TikTok. It’s super simple and easy to make, and it looks incredibly adorable, too. You can make them at any size or as many as you want, hang them like a garland, or scatter them prettily on your display table. Learn how to make these mini pumpkins now with the help of the written instructions and video tutorial below. I hope you enjoy this craft as much as I did.

Step 1

Cut off most of the opening part of the balloon leaving only about half an inch from the round part, then stuff it with poly-fil fiberfill, and push it in with a piece of wire until the balloon is like a round ball. Insert the piece of wire into the balloon, then hold it at the center together with the opening part of the balloon, and start wrapping thread around it.

Step 2

Continue to wrap the thread around the ball to add indentation similar to a pumpkin, then keep wrapping the thread around the wire, and secure it in place with glue. Cut a small piece of crepe paper, then glue it around the top of the ball as demonstrated in the video, and continue to wrap it around the wire completely dabbing glue as you go. Bend the stem and you’re done!