How to Make an Upcycled DIY Mummy Glow Jar

If you’re not done decorating for Halloween yet and are still looking for more projects to try, then check out this mummy glow jar by on YouTube, and make one or more! You can use them as decor or give them as a gift, whatever it is you decide to do to them, one thing is for sure, you’ll find them incredibly cute.

What’s even better about this DIY project is that it’s very inexpensive to make as it only requires an empty glass jar that you may already have available in your house. A single mummy glow jar can be prepared in as fast as 10 minutes and you can also personalize it if you want by adding embellishments of your choice.

If you don’t want to use this as a lamp or decor, then just use it as a treat holder, and place candies or toys inside. Learn how now with this video tutorial.

Dab glue on the glass jar, then stick the googly eyes and let them dry completely. Fold the crepe paper, then cut it across into 1-inch pieces, and unfold them, you should end up with strips. Lightly crumple the strips, then dab some glue on the jar, and wrap the strips around the jar in random directions adding more glue as you go. Allow the glue to dry completely, then place a LED candle inside, and light it up.