Pipe Cleaner Christmas Crafts for a Festive DIY Holiday

With this list of pipe cleaner Christmas crafts, you and your family can have some amazing holiday fun with little to no messy cleanup!

As the holidays approach, we all get busier. We have so much planning, purchasing and that needs to be accomplished. This means that we may not have much time to think about , and we definitely don’t want to spend tons of time cleaning up after any crafts we do end up making! We need mess-free crafting options.

If mess-free crafting sounds like a fairy tale to you, you haven’t used ! Pipe cleaners, or chenille stems, should be in everyone’s craft supply closet. Stock up on all of the options: standard pipe cleaners, glittery ones, striped, textured, and extra-thick pipe cleaners.

Chenille stems are colorful, versatile, and can easily turn your home into a with just a few twists and turns. I’ve compiled a list of fun pipe cleaner Christmas craft ideas you are going to love! From to adorable holiday decor, these pipe cleaner projects are perfect for both kids and adults. Go ahead, scroll down to find inspiration and step-by-step instructions to bring your mess-free holiday visions to life…

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