Dollar Tree Light Up Ghost DIY (Less Than 5 Dollars)

Have you decorated your space with Halloween decor already? If you still haven’t, here’s a budget-friendly DIY project for you. It looks great in daylight but even better at night as it lights up. Head over to Dollar Tree, as most of the items are already there! It’s super easy and fast to make. Plus, you only need a few materials.

Tiktoker shared a video on the platform showing how she made a ghost decor using a mop from Dollar Tree. The video received 245K views as of writing and got plenty of likes and comments from users.

You only need a few items for this simple Halloween project. The materials she got from Dollar Tree are the mop head, glass jar, witch hat picks, and lights. She also used hot glue, black sock, and scissors.

First, she took the mop head, added glue to the attachment, and glued it to the bottom of a glass jar. Fix the strings of the mop so it will look like a wig covering the glass. Next, she removed the stick from the witch hat and glued it to the center of the mop, covering the attachment.

After that, she unraveled the threads of the mop to make it look fuller. For the eyes, she cut two oval shapes from a black sock and glued them to the upper part of the mop.

Be careful when you use hot glue as it can be really hot. For finishing touches, she placed a Dollar Store light inside the glass.

That’s all you need to do and you are done! How easy was that? I super love how it turned out – it’s adorable! She places it in her bathroom on the floating shelves beside a blackbird.