How to Build a DIY Patio and Fire Pit Seating Area

If you haven’t started on your patio yet, then it’s the perfect time for you to do so with the help of this video tutorial by on YouTube. You can build this cozy and beautiful fire pit seating area easily where you and your family can relax and chill together. You can also host your outdoor parties here with your friends for the holidays and any special occasions. This is also a good area to read some books, watch a movie, or roast marshmallows, anything fun you can think of, you can do it here. Learn how to build this now and start working on this project.

Mark the area and shape of the fire pit seating area, then dig inside the marking line about 6 inches deep and add rich soil to the border for planting later. Cover the patio area with the landscaping fabric, then add the steel ending or plastic bender board to the patio border, and tie a string taut to two stakes to help mark straight lines. Add the road base to the entire patio area making it about inches deep, then level and compact it as shown in the video, and then add an inch of decomposed granite making sure to compact it as well. Finish the patio with a 1-inch layer of gravel.